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Published on Oct 25 2023 at 19:05 UTC
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Kitsune is an open-souce social media server utilising the ActivityPub protocol. Utilising the capabilities of ActivityPub, you can interact with people on Mastodon, Misskey, Akkoma, etc. Due to its decentralised nature, you can self-host Kitsune on your own hardware and still interact with everyone!

Kitsune itself is pretty lightweight and should run even on a Raspberry Pi (even though we haven't tested that yet).



Both chat options are bridged. Feel free to join whichever you're more comfortable with:

Matrix Discord

⚠ Disclaimer

This software is far from production-ready. Breaking changes might happen. So, as long as this disclaimer is here, make sure to double check all the changes before you update your installation.

Project structure

  • contrib/: Files for configuring Kitsune (Systemd, Caddy, etc.)
  • crates/: Sub-crates Kitsune consists of
  • kitsune/: Main Kitsune server binary
  • kitsune-cli/: Kitsune CLI binary
  • kitsune-fe/: Kitsune frontend project
  • kitsune-job-runner/: Kitsune dedicated job runner
  • lib/: Libraries made for Kitsune but with no dependencies on Kitsune-specific code. Easily usable by other projects
  • proto/: Any Protobuf definitions for the Kitsune project
  • public/: Public web assets
  • xtask/: Task-runner polyfill


Contributions are very welcome. However, if you intend to change anything more than updating a dependency or fixing a small bug, please open an issue first. We would like to discuss any bigger changes before they are actually implemented.


If you found a suspected security vulnerability, please refer to our security policy for more details.

Note on required libraries

We use Nix for handling our development dependencies. When in doubt, install Nix and run nix develop to get yourself a shell with all required dependencies and services (you might need to enable some unstable features).


Kitsune is licensed under the MIT license.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.